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Understanding the 'why'

Understanding the why

Tip for week 3

Now you’ve been with your students for about a week and I know that you will have already identified ‘that kid’ that’s going to make your hair go grey and cause you lots of unwanted stress. Sometimes you just have one, sometimes two but if you’re really unlucky you might end up with 4!

So, it’s only natural to roll your eyes and be completely frustrated by this child. Maybe they’re disrespectful, maybe they continually talk and call out, maybe they’re nasty to other students in your class. So what are you going to do?

Well, I think you’ve got two choices. You can either complain to your teaching colleagues all year long and be continually annoyed by this child or you can try to understand why they are behaving the way they are. Remember, children are a product of the environment they live in. As their teachers, we need to try to understand them and the why they are behaving a certain way so that we can work WITH them. If you are going to be successful in making change with these tricky kids, then you have to first build a connection and work with them to make positive change. For more practical tips, purchase your copy of ‘10 steps to thrive in teaching’. Have a wonderful day and fantastic week at school.

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